3×5 Leadership exists to be your foremost digital leader development resource. To support that vision, we desire to grow the digital leader development community & maximize experiential lesson sharing through incorporating guest blog posts.

We love when others want to share their leader lessons from their experience. Though our experiences are singular, the lessons from them certainly are not.

Below are the guidelines to submit a guest post proposal. Please contact us via the submission form below. We look forward to working with you!

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3x5 Leadership Base

  • The topic must be relevant to leader development. How is your submission benefiting others’ leader growth to include new knowledge, behaviors, and skills? This should be clear. Reference 3×5 Leadership’s about page to ensure your idea aligns. If we do not assess the proposed post to add value to the blog’s audience, we will not publish it.
  • Ideal post length is around 1000 words. We highly encourage use of lists, bullets, and sub-headings to communicate concise thoughts effectively. Narrative posts or ones over 1000 words will be considered, but will be assessed for theme communication effectiveness.
  • Cite all source material using hyperlinks (if it is a book, link the title to an Amazon page for the book). If unable to hyperlink, cite using endnotes.
  • Submit you draft in a .doc or .docx Word File after we link-up via email.
  • Submit recommended photos (if you have them) as separate .jpeg, .tiff, or .png files. We only accept open source/labeled for reuse images. By submitting the photo, you acknowledge that it meets these guidelines. Feel free to make recommendations in your Word.doc as to where you recommend to place the images. Include picture captions as appropriate.
  • 3×5 Leadership does not accept posts or articles already published in other publication sources. We also do not accept posts solely to highlight another product or resource unless it benefits the blog’s audience (reference point #1).
  • We will edit the submission for grammar and content to provide the best possible post for the blog’s audience. However, you, the original author will give final approval before publishing.
  • You, as the author, retain the copyrighted ownership of the published material under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 3×5 Leadership will cite the author in the post and will use excerpts from the post in future social media engagements.
  • As the author, you may contribute in your own name or anonymously, but retain ownership of the ideas contained within. 3×5 Leadership will not defend or represent the author in social media or any other discussion forum.

Submit your proposal below. We will respond via email as soon as possible. Following our first email engagement, if we accept your topic proposal, we would love to see the submitted draft in the following email.

Thanks for your time, your support, and for the chance to work with you! Finally, if you don’t already, subscribe to 3×5 Leadership via email to get notifications of new weekly content!

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