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3×5 Leadership is your foremost digital leader development resource so that you can make yourself, your people, and your team or organization better. We believe that by becoming more equipped, educated, and inspired leaders, we can make peoples’ lives and our workplaces better. We must become deliberate leader developers.

As students of leadership, we define a leader developer as one who acts with an intentional effort to provide others with opportunities to learn, grow, and change within the particular organizational context ultimately preparing others to take on more responsibility and influence; this transcends formal positions or roles, and occurs at every level of an organization. Leader development is an effective, enduring, and universal strategy to improve your organization, both in performance and overall professionalism.

The bottom line is we want to make you the best leader developer you can be. We share highlights from our experiences and education to equip you with behaviors, ways of thinking, and guiding attitudes to become an effective leader developer able to impact individuals and your collective organization. Ultimately, we want to help you create a professional organization of truly empowered leaders and leader developers, where everyone is committed to a clear, collective vision and is passionate about creating the 2nd and 3rd generation of leaders.

What’s in a Name? Why “3×5 Leadership?”


3×5 index cards are a great leader learning tool – and one of choice for our team. Every moment is a learning opportunity and we keep 3×5 cards available at all times to ensure we can record a lesson, idea, or thought in any moment. While the 3×5 card is a learned habit from my (Josh, founder) father, using a leader learning tool is universal. Ensure you commit to a simple, preferred tool – a notebook, tablet, or notepad – to continuously learn as a professional and leader.


Josh Bowen, Founder & Director

I am passionate about making people and organizations better through leader development. I am a 10-year U.S. Army officer with experience leading and commanding at various levels up to the company-level (appx. 130-personnel) and working on planning and support staffs up to brigade level (over 5,000-personnel). You can learn more about me, my recent work, and education through my Curriculum Vitae. You can contact me at josh@3x5leadership.com.

Chad Plenge, Deputy Director & Head of Brand Growth

I am truly passionate about giving back and ensuring our current/future leaders have the necessary skills to tackle problems we cannot imagine today.  I have worked with more than 7,000 leaders around the globe.  As a U.S. Army officer, I’ve led teams across multiple continents and taught leadership psychology at the United States Military Academy.  I also served as the President of the board of directors for a non-profit organization focused on developing youth leadership. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, SCUBA diving, and mentoring LGBTQ+ youth. You can contact me at chad@3x5leadership.com.


Leader development occurs daily, not in a day. To support routine development, 3×5 Leadership provides leader development content in the following ways:

  • New blog posts published every 1 to 2 weeks, on Mondays. Sign up to receive email notifications of new blog posts HERE.
  • #WhiteboardWednesday quotes shared every Wednesday via Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to inspire routine leadership thought and discussion.
  • The 3×5 Leadership Bookshelf, a resource that provides helpful recommendations to equip and inspire you to leverage reading as a means for professional development.

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If you are interested in writing a guest post to publish on 3×5 Leadership, please visit the Guidelines for Guest Posts page. We look forward to hearing others’ leader lessons and inspiring them to share their thoughts!

Important Disclaimers

This is a personal blog, sharing our own thoughts only. The opinions we express on this website do not represent those of our employers, the U.S. Army, and the United States Military Academy.

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