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3×5 Leadership inspires developing leaders, like you, who are looking to grow your influence by equipping you with creative tools to have a strong, positive impact, and to leave a transformational legacy on your people and organization.

3×5 Leadership is the foremost digital leader development resource for anyone looking to leverage leadership to improve their life.

What Does 3×5 Leadership Offer You?

We all have come to understand how leadership can improve our lives. Despite the inspiring experiences that positive leadership has given us, we often remain victims of ineffective organizations and leaders in charge. They leave us with insufficient results in our lives.

We want to have an impact on our own and others’ lives. Inadequate leaders should not limit the quality of our lives.

This is where 3×5 Leadership can help you. Like you, I am frustrated with being subjected to ineffective leadership; everyone is entitled to exceptional leadership in their life. I am a committed, life-long student of leadership; I have led multiple combat organizations in the military, I have studied the science of leadership through a quality academic program, and have dedicated significant personal effort to learning the art of leadership.

Let me inspire, equip, and guide you through your journey of leader growth so you can improve your life, the lives of your people, and your organizations.

You can learn more about 3×5 Leadership, including its full vision & goals, HERE.

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What 3×5 Leadership Provides You

Follow these steps, the 3×5 Leader Growth Strategy, to begin your leader growth now:

  1. Subscribe to the blog. Immediately, you’ll get “5 tools to improve your influence now” in your email. You’ll also get weekly blogs, which are creative tools to improve your leader effectiveness, and monthly top 5 thoughts on leadership.
  2. Check out the blog’s most popular posts.
  3. Develop yourself with these tools:
  4. Develop your team with these tools:
  5. Check out the blog’s most recent posts.
  6. Share 3×5 Leadership with your people and friends, so they too can improve their leader growth journey.

3x5 Leadership Base

How I Deliver Leader Development Tools to You

  1. The 5 tools to improve your influence now guide, delivered immediately when you subscribe.
  2. Weekly blog posts providing you inspiration and equipping you with creative tools to add value to your leader growth journey.
  3. Monthly email sharing my top 5 thoughts on leadership.
  4. The 3×5 Leadership Bookshelf professional reading resource [coming April 2018]
  5. A robust guide of additional resources to aid in your leader development.
  6. Other articles, thoughts, and quotes shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Near-daily Twitter shares including #ThoughtsDuringMyRun reflections and #PodcastOfTheDay recommendations of the best podcasts I listen to.

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