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What 3×5 Leadership Offers You

How do you define a leader developer? What do they look like? How do they think? How do they act? In my time as a student of leadership, I define a leader developer as one who acts with an intentional effort to provide others with opportunities to learn, grow, and change within the particular organizational context ultimately preparing others to take on more responsibility and influence; this transcends formal positions or roles, and occurs at every level of an organization. Leader development is an effective, enduring, and universal strategy to improve your organization, both in performance and overall professionalism. So, do you consider yourself a leader developer?

I believe every leader developer experiences a journey of growth, going from an individual, to a follower, to a leader, and ultimately to a leader developer. I strongly assert there is a difference between a leader and leader developer; driving the ship yourself is not the same as deliberately preparing others to drive it.

3×5 Leadership exists to be your foremost digital leader development resource. The bottom line is I want to make readers the best leader developer they can be. I share highlights from my experiences and education to equip you with behaviors, ways of thinking, and guiding attitudes to become an effective leader developer, impacting individuals and your collective organization or team. Ultimately, I want to help you create a professional organization or team of truly empowered leaders and leader developers, where everyone is committed to the collective vision and passionate about creating the 2nd and 3rd generation of leaders and leader developers.

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Who 3×5 Leadership Communicates To

  • Military tactical leaders
  • Emerging organizational leaders in any industry
  • Anyone who has a leadership role in their life

The 3×5 Leadership Strategic Framework


3×5 Leadership is the foremost digital leader development resource for anyone looking to leverage leadership to improve their life.

3×5 Leadership Goals

  • Leader growth occurs daily, not in a day: inspire leaders to become leader developers and commit to regular, deliberate self-development.
  • Equip leaders with effective tools and behaviors to improve their transformational influence in life and work and develop other leaders.
  • My experiences are singular, but the lessons from them are not: share my own leader experiences to help others in their leader growth journey.
  • Expand leaders’ pool of available resources by providing a robust leader development resource page
  • Grow the digital leader development community & maximize experiential lesson sharing by incorporating guest blog posts.
  • Leaders are readers: enable leaders’ growth through reading with the Bookshelf resource and related posts.

What 3×5 Leadership Provides You

Follow these initial recommended steps to begin your growth as a leader developer now and get familiar with the 3×5 Leadership resource:

  1. Subscribe to the blog. Immediately, you’ll get the 3×5 Leader Development Handbook E-Book in your email, which provides the 10-part leader development series in a convenient, clean product for you and to share with your people. You’ll also get weekly blog posts aimed at providing creative behaviors, ways of thinking, and guiding attitudes to develop yourself and others.
  2. Check out 3×5 Leadership’s most popular posts to see the posts that most resonate with other readers.
  3. Dig into the blog’s most recent posts to get caught up with relevant and helpful content.
  4. Get familiar with the 3×5 Leadership Bookshelf, which is a comprehensive leader development reading resource, helping you start or improve your personal reading program for self-development and learning.
  5. Look at the recommended resources on the blog’s resources page to find other helpful sources of leader development material outside of 3×5 Leadership; resources include other blogs, online journals, podcasts, and more.
  6. Share 3×5 Leadership with your people and friends so they too can improve their leader growth journey.

How I Deliver Leader Development Tools to You

  1. The 3×5 Leader Development Handbook E-Book, delivered immediately when you subscribe.
  2. Weekly blog posts providing you inspiration and equipping you with creative behaviors, ways of thinking, and attitudes to add value to your leader growth journey.
  3. The 3×5 Leadership Bookshelf professional reading resource.
  4. Sharing articles, blog posts, podcasts, and other resources external to 3×5 Leadership on Facebook and Twitter that I believe readers will benefit from; I also share personal thoughts, questions, and quotes on Twitter.

What’s in a Name? Why 3×5 Leadership?

3x5 Leadership Base

3×5 index cards are my leader learning tool of choice. Every moment is a learning opportunity and I keep 3×5 cards with me at all times to ensure I can record a lesson, idea, or thought in any moment. The 3×5 card is a learned habit from my father, but using a leader learning tool is universal. Ensure you commit to a simple, preferred tool – a green notebook, Moleskin notebook, tablet, or notepad – to continuously learn as a professional and leader.


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Also, feel free to reach out to me at 3x5leadership@gmail.com with any questions or comments you have! I enjoy engaging with this community to make the resource better and help you apply its content.

Who I Am

My name is Josh. I’ve been a US Army engineer officer for nearly 10 years, directly working with and supporting maneuver forces, to include in deployed environments. My experiences include platoon leadership, multiple primary battalion & brigade staff positions, 18 months of company command, and (currently) serving as faculty at West Point (Cadet company Tactical Officer). I am formally educated in civil engineering, engineering management, and organizational psychology & leadership.

You can learn more about me through my personal mission statement.

Guest Posts

If you are interested in writing a guest post to publish on 3×5 Leadership, please visit the Guidelines for Guest Posts page. I look forward to hearing others’ leader lessons and inspiring them to share their thoughts!


This is my personal blog, sharing my own thoughts only. The opinions I express on this website do not necessarily represent those of my employer, the US Army and the United States Military Academy.

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