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Making People & Organizations Better Through Leader Development

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What is 3×5 Leadership?

I believe that everyone is entitled to outstanding leadership. We can spend 25% of a year in the workplace. Better leaders make better organizations, which ultimately makes better lives. I wish to educate, equip, and inspire as many people as possible across industries and the globe to become those necessary outstanding leaders. I hope that 3×5 Leadership can be one way to achieve that. I am passionate about making people and organizations better through leader development.

About 3×5


I am Josh Bowen. I’m an 11-year US Army officer and through my career thus far, I’ve discovered a passion for developing other leaders. I created 3×5 Leadership in December 2016 as a means to broadly achieve this calling. While I have the great fortune to extensively develop leaders through my Army career, I also have a heart for educating and equipping the next generations of leaders everywhere. 3×5 Leadership is a platform that enables me to do that universally, to include beyond the military.

You can learn more about me, my education, and experience through my Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Linktree page

About 3×5

3×5 Leadership is a personal passion project that provides completely free resources to help create deliberately developmental leaders & organizations across any industry or field. Specifically, that means that I aim to:

Build Intentional Leaders

Support formal and informal leaders who take ownership of their own development, want to improve their leader impact, are life-long learners, and carefully prepare themselves to lead better in the future.

Educate About Developmental Leader Approaches

Equip and inspire professionals to be deliberately developmental in their daily leader approach. Every interaction and event at our workplace can be an opportunity for development – of ourselves and/or of others.

Create Clear, Purposeful Organizations

Effective and developmental organizations must be clear on and committed to their purpose – their essential core. Clarifying this both makes our teams more effective and creates the necessary capacity for a culture based on development.

Leading, Changing, and Developing Organizations

Leaders are in the business of change. We must be willing to change and make change. 3×5 Leadership helps educate on the science and art of leading, changing, and developing at scale so you can take your team(s) to the next level.

So What? What’s This Really About?

Everything 3×5 Leadership provides is free, truly. There is no catch, hidden agenda, or request from you. There are two enduring “whys” for me in creating this platform and all associated resources:

  • I am Genuinely Passionate About Leader Development: I truly have a heart for making people and organizations better through leader development. I want to make workplaces and, ultimately, peoples’ lives better by developing better leaders – to be the outstanding leader that others deserve. We can spend upwards of 25% of a year or more engaged in “work;” we need to make work an enjoyable and successful place to spend so much of our time.
  • It’s a Mechanism for Personal Reflection: While I am grateful for the opportunity to help others become deliberately developmental leaders, 3×5 Leadership is also an essential reflection tool for me. I use this platform to identify, process, clarify, and share what I am learning about leadership through my experiences and education. I address this further in this article that I wrote.

What’s in a Name? Why 3×5?

The 3×5 index card is the most simple, basic learning tool available – and my tool of choice.

Intentional leaders see every moment, interaction, and event as an opportunity for development – to improve themselves and/or others. Thus, I always keep 3×5 index cards readily available to capture any idea, thought, lesson, or experience at any time. Rarely does a day go by where I am not pulling out at least one 3×5 card to capture something in the moment.

What starts on a 3×5 card for me grows and connects to become what you see on this platform. In naming this resource 3×5 Leadership, I celebrate my commitment to always learning, growing, and desiring to get better. I hope it inspires you to do the same.

Who is 3×5 Leadership For?

Anyone with an emerging or expanding leadership role in their life! Whether you are taking on new or greater leadership responsibility in your work or your community, 3×5 Leadership helps you cultivate a deliberately developmental approach to maximize your impact and to build other leaders.

So, if you’re interested in a future leadership or management role, newly placed in one, finding that you are taking on more leadership responsibility than you feel equipped for, or want to fine-tune your leadership approach, I hope 3×5 Leadership can help!

Ok Cool. So, Now What? How Do I Use 3×5 Leadership?

I provide a variety of media that is, again, all free. Be sure to check out each type of resource to find what best meets your developmental needs and style. Then, I encourage you to share the website and resources with your colleagues who might benefit as well!

  • Articles: Short articles published on most Mondays exploring diverse leadership topics. Articles provide the necessary “what” and “why” for every topic but emphasizes practical application by addressing the “how” to help you work to apply it immediately.
  • Webinars: Monthly webinars where we dive deeper into important, dynamic leadership topics. Be sure to check out our webinar page to register for the next webinar (only 100 seats available each month!) and to check out recordings of previous sessions.
  • #WhiteboardWednesday: Every Wednesday, I share a quote to offer a little perspective, introspection, and challenge to your leadership. Quotes are shared on my social media platforms, so make sure you follow them! #WBWs have quickly become an audience favorite every week!
  • The Bookshelf: Leaders are learners and learners are readers! The Bookshelf is a robust hub of resources to help inform, guide, and inspire your developmental reading efforts. If you’ve learned that reading for your leader development is important but don’t know where to start, go here!
  • YouTube Channel [Coming Soon!]: Place where I host all A/V media to include webinars, interviews, and more.
  • Resources Page: Check out my repository of unique guides and other resources created by 3×5 Leadership. It also highlights all of the external resources that I routinely turn to in my continued self-development efforts.

Thank you for your leadership, continued support, and engagement. I appreciate the opportunity to help you on your leader growth journey!

Lead well,

Josh Bowen

Creator, 3×5 Leadership


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Want to Learn More?

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or ideas on how I can help you & your team!


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