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3×5 Leadership Resources

Welcome to my resources page, offering helpful resources from 3×5 Leadership & external platforms!

3×5 Leadership Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Developmental Writing

Guide outlines my personal process to write for reflection & how I structure what I write on this website.

Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style

A set of questions to help you discover your authentic leadership style from the Leadership Philosophy webinar!

Weekly Reflection Guide

Questions to consider to help your routine reflective thinking habit from the Reflective Leader webinar!

Reflective Journaling Prompts

Questions to consider to guide your prompted reflective journaling from the Reflection Series part 3!

Peer Coaching Resources Guide

A robust guide to help you consider the best type of questions for a particular type of conversation & example questions to use from the Peer Coaching article!

External Resources

Online Reading

The blogs & online articles that I routinely read:

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