Join the 3×5 Leadership Team!

We are looking to expand the team so we bring the best value and content possible to our continuously growing audience! Help us do that with your skills and passions!

Why Join the 3×5 Leadership Team?

We believe we have a robust “employee value proposition” for interns and volunteers that join the team; you can learn more about our EVP HERE. Additionally, you can gain valuable internship experience working for a professional team and even a high-quality reference for any of your future pursuits. Finally, there are other perks to being on the team to include unique developmental resources, outstanding networking opportunities, and gift bonuses.

Who We Need!

You! We are looking for equipped and inspired professionals to help us in a variety of ways! While we are in search of potential teammates to fill the following internship / volunteer positions, we are open to bringing anyone that can bring value and skills to the team! Click on the position titles to learn more about the position’s job description and email us if interested at

Web Design & Development Intern or Volunteer: Assist with the design and development of the 3×5 Leadership webpage; collaborate with staff on new ideas, directions, and venues for the brand; potentially aid in website ad revenue efforts.

Social Media & Marketing Intern or Volunteer: Assist us with updating and maintaining 3×5 Leadership’s social media presence; planning, writing, and managing various marketing messages or newsletters; assist with marketing and event product designing; updating the website as needed; and collaborating with the rest of the team on new ideas, directions, and venues for marketing and communications.

Other skills we are looking for:

  • Media and web design
  • Videocast & podcast production
  • Social media & marketing management
  • Brand & revenue management
  • And more!

How to Join the Team!

If you’re interested in joining our 3×5 Leadership team in any of the above listed roles, please contact our deputy director, Chad Plenge, at today! You can also contact us at our “Let Us Help” page HERE.

Want to Learn More?

Learn more about 3×5 Leadership and our team at our “About” page HERE!

Thanks for your support, engagement, and interest. We look forward to hearing from you! Take care and lead well.

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