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As a product of West Point, I fully believe that when Cadets commission, they are prepared to be quality leaders of character.  Despite the outstanding opportunities and programs, commissioning sources generally do not prepare young, to-be Lieutenants for the daily challenges of their upcoming positions.  Even institutional schools such as Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) do not provide complete instruction on the details of being a young staff Lieutenant or Platoon Leader.

I aim to provide an additional platform for current Cadets and new junior leaders to reference to further their education on the many challenges and systems they will encounter during their initial entry into the service.  Topics will vary and include initial leadership challenges such as counseling your Platoon Sergeant, maintenance, property, and unit training management.  All content is intended for the soon-to-be commissioned Cadet, new Lieutenant arriving to their unit, or newly assigned Platoon Leader faced with an overwhelming amount of new responsibility.

Look out for the coming of the “Beyond the Long Gray Line” blog in early spring 2018.


Picture credit: Ben Maile’s painting, “The Long Gray Line”

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