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This is the 3×5 Leadership reading list – a compilation of the books that have impacted our development the most across our favorite subjects to read about. The list serves an option of recommendations others can consider. We are all shaped by the books we read and we don’t believe one list is objectively right, the best, or better than any other list. Our hope is that these books can impact you the way they have us.

This is a “living” list; it will continue to evolve and grow as we keep reading. So, come back and routinely check out the list for updates.

Within each category, books are listed in order of recommended preference, with the top book in the category being our top recommendation. If there is a book not on here that you believe should be, be patient; we likely have not gotten to reading it yet!

The 3×5 Leadership Reading List

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Leader Development

Military Leadership

Military History


Understanding the Human Condition & Human Growth

Other Nonfiction