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Leaders are learners, and learners are readers.

Welcome to the 3×5 Leadership Bookshelf! This comprehensive resource exists to equip you with the tools to enact a quality personal reading program for yours and others’ professional development.

The 3×5 Leadership Reading List

Get book recommendations from the 3×5 Leadership reading list! These are the books that have most impacted us in the areas of leader development, military leadership, military history, fiction, and on the human condition. We share these as some options for others to consider as we continue our leader development through professional reading. As we keep reading, the list will certainly keep growing, so we encourage you to routinely visit the list for updates.


3×5 Leadership Blog Posts About Developmental Reading

Professional Reading Lists We Recommend for Other Great Ideas

Do you have a professional reading list that you recommend be added to this list? Contact us and let us know!

The 3×5 Leadership Resource List

3×5 Leadership alone is not a sufficient developmental resource. Diversity of platforms, thought, and perspective is important. So, we encourage you to check out the 3×5 Leadership Resources Page to find the other blogs, podcasts, and online journals that we personally engage in and recommend.

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