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Welcome to the 3×5 Leadership Bookshelf!

Leaders are learners, and learners are readers!

Welcome! This page is a comprehensive resource to equip you with the knowledge & tools to enact a quality personal reading program for yours and others’ professional development. I encourage you to check out the variety of resources below!

Happy reading!

The 3×5 Reading List

Explore my favorite & most recommended books for leader & self-development!

Check Out Other Reading Resources from 3×5 Leadership!

Leaders Are Readers Series

8-part article series exploring all the important dynamics on managing your own developmental reading effort.

6 Ways to Make Your Reading More Impactful

Article offering my top reading habit recommendations!

Leaders Are Readers Webinar

Watch my webinar with guest, Joe Byerly, discussing reading as an important developmental habit!

Military Views

Articles focused on military leader development reading.

Check Out Additional Recommended Reading Resources!

Read Via Kindle

Read digital books on your phone, iPad, & Kindle. Check out special deals available!

Listen to Audible Audiobooks

Listen to audiobooks from the most robust resource available – Amazon Audible! 

DOD Reads

DOD Reads is the most comprehensive reading resource for US DOD personnel. Definitely worth your time checking out if applicable to you.

US Navy Reading Program

US Navy offers a extensive platform for developmental reading. Check out their page, specifically the links on the right side of the page. DOD personnel can use their FREE library on Overdrive to read digital books & listen to audiobooks. Lots of great options!

Book Authority

Get book recommendations from well-known leaders & experts in a variety of business-related topics! You can tailor your preferences through an account to receive specific recommendations according to your interests. 


Receive routine book recommendations based on your topic & author preferences to include special book deals & sales.

Discover Other Resources!

Though not specifically tied to developmental reading, explore other helpful resources from 3×5 Leadership & other platforms that I recommend for your broad development as a leader!

Resource Page

Explore other great resources, both from 3×5 Leadership & other platforms, to further support your leader development!


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