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Article Series

A consolidated list of all 3×5 Leadership article series for easy access & reading!

3x5 Leadership 168 Series Intro

168 Series

Offering perspectives from 9 influential leaders on how they spend their 168 hours each week toward self-development to share common, relevant, & impactful habits to consider for your own development!

3x5 Leadership Leaders Are Readers 1

Leaders are Readers Series

Covering the most important dynamics to understand how to effectively read for your personal & professional development.

3x5 Leadership_Leader Reflection Series

Leader Reflection Series

Turning the abstract idea of reflection into practical leader habits by exploring what the art of reflection is, why it is important for you, and how you can begin impactful reflective activities today.

The Feedback Primer Series_3x5 Leadership_Primary Graphic

Feedback Primer

Feedback is a gift…& also incredibly challenging. Check out this introduction series to everything you & your team needs to know about feedback – How to deliver, receive, solicit, and spread it across your team!

Leader Development Handbook Cover Image_3x5 Leadership

Leader Development Handbook

Our comprehensive guide to deliberately integrating effective leader development activities into your organization and culture. Get the full handbook as an e-book when you subscribe via email!

In Whom Do We Trust_On Trust & Leadership_3x5 Leadership

In Whom Do We Trust Series

Trust is the currency of leadership. We must fully understand what trust is in order to earn & maintain it with others.

Shared Leadership Series_3x5 Leadership

Shared Leadership Series

Exploring important topics affecting team development & dynamics to help you more effectively build a successful team.

The Organizational Clarity Series_Part 1_3x5 Leadership

Organizational Clarity Series

How to bring clarity to your team’s purpose & direction. Defining, clarifying, & communicating your team’s DNA – what is most important to & for your team.


Company Command Series

Timeless reflections & recommendations for any US Army officer about to assume command of a company. These ideas can help anyone improve company effectiveness, efficiencies, & development.

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