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The archives are organized by five major topics, rather than in chronological order, to better enable you to find the content most relevant content for your leadership growth. Several of the categories include mini-blog series that dive deep into a specific topic. The categories, in order, are:

  • Self-Development & Preparing to Lead Well
  • Leading & Influencing Others
  • Leading & Changing Teams & Organizations
  • Management & Self-Regulation Skills
  • Other Relevant Leadership Topics

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Lead well!

Self-Development & Preparing to Lead Well

Self-Awareness & Your Leadership Effectiveness

The Reflection Series

Three New Benefits I Learned About Writing and Sharing

168 Series

Leaders are Readers Series

Do All Things with Energy and Optimism [Guest post by Tom Correll]

Defining Our Leadership Philosophy

What We Need to Know About Empathy & Leadership

Recommended Apps to Support Your Leader Self-Development and Growth

“Big Rocks” Leadership

What Is Your Leadership “One Big Thing?”

Character: The Necessary, Yet Often Ignored, Trait to Define Leaders of the 21st Century

You Need a Peer Coach to Become a Better Leader

Keeping Our Leadership Tank Full

The Emotional Side of Leadership: Why You Need to Care About Emotional Intelligence & What to do About It

Words Matter – The Importance of Our Language as Leaders

Avoiding Burnout: 9 Things to Build “Leader Resilience”

The Junior Officer Reading & Self-Development List

Thoughts on Leader Self-Development: Do Better

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Bad Leadership Experiences

6 Ways to Make Your Reading More Impactful This Year

Ownership [Guest post by Pete Fovargue]

Writing as a Means of Learning [Guest post by Franklin C. Annis]

Leader Awareness Series

How to Recognize Your Leadership Shortcomings [Guest post by John Packham]

Self-Development and Preparing for Future War

Fiction and Future War [Guest post by Zavier Radecker]

Leading & Influencing Others

8 Ways to Be an Intentional Leader

Discipline Through Accountability and Enforcing Standards

Leadership Communication: “Here is the Most Important Place for Me to Be”

Leadership By Wandering Around

The Five Types of Developmental Communication

Never Underestimate the Power of Appreciation

We Need to Talk About Our Peoples’ Engagement at Work

Do Your People Feel Safe? How Leaders Create Psychological Safety.

Leaders Communicate Perspective

The Feedback Primer

An Organization that Reflects Together, Learns Together

Do You Communicate Appreciation & Admiration to the People You Lead? [Guest post by Tony Burgess]

Coaching – An Essential Leadership Tool [Guest post by LTC (R) Thomas Bowen]

My New Favorite Question

A Willingness to Learn: The Critical Foundation to Leader Development

Are Our Loyalties Misaligned? We Must Define Our Levels of Loyalty.

A Model of Effective Goal-Setting for Leaders

The Lost Art of Giving (Negative) Feedback

They Must Become Greater, I Must Become Less: On Leadership & Humility

Leading Via Social Justice [Guest post by Chevaso Cook]

When Our Leadership Isn’t Good Enough [Guest post by Chad Plenge]

I Used a Commander Social Media Profile for 90 Days; Here’s What Happened

I Will Go On: Leadership and Resilience

My Hard Lesson Learned in Leading Through Crisis

Why We Lead with Gratitude…and How

Are You Thoughtful & Deliberate in Everything You Do as a Leader? Because Some Small, Careless Behaviors Can be Sending “Anti-Belonging Cues” to Others.

Leadership on the Outside – A Story of Transition & Re-Introduction to Standards [Guest post by Joe Callejas]

Are You Solving the Problems or Making them Worse? [Guest post by Franklin Annis]

Goals In Lieu of Vision: A Practical Exercise in Developing a Purposeful Organization [Guest post by Zach Mierva]

The 4 Cs of Empowerment [Guest post by Sam]

There Is A Science to Motivation

Four Ways Leaders Can Connect with Their Employees [Guest post by John Packham]

Engaging Generation Z: A Military Perspective [Guest post by Patrick Hinton]

Feedback: An Acquired Taste [Guest post by Bethany Nunnery]

Three Quick Points to Mentor Your New, Emerging Leaders [Guest post by Joshua Trimble]

Counseling the 33%: An Approach to One-on-One Development [Guest post by Jeff Meinders]

Military Leadership Is Really About Trust [Guest post by Joe Callejas]

Leader Development Series

Leading & Changing Teams & Organizations

The 3×5 Leader Development Handbook

The Organizational Clarity Series

The Shared Leadership Series

In Whom Do We Trust – Leadership & Trust Series

Are We A Family or A Team?

Leadership and the Need for Perpetual Optimism

Which Leadership is Most Effective: Analyzing Transformational & Servant Leadership [Guest post by Jon Silk]

4 Questions to Make Your Organization and People Better

How to Build Trust in Your Organization

Activating the Levers of Organizational Change

What’s Defining Effective Leadership Today? Inclusiveness.

Leaders Seek and Surface the Truth

Do We Have a Culture of Practice?

Followership: A Missing Consideration That Is Limiting Your Leadership Ability [Guest post by Zachary Mierva]

Tactical Decision Exercises 2.0: Additional Resources

Achieving Honesty: Improving Subordinate Leader Assessments & Feedback

Company Command Series

Management & Self-Regulation Skills

The 3 Key Elements to a Young Leader’s Organization

What Tools Are You Using for Your Leader Growth?

A Leader’s Mentality: Reflections for Junior Military Leaders [Guest post by Jason Hu]

Doing Routine Things Routinely – Leaders Must Still Be Managers

Face It: We Are All Managers

A Leader’s Organization

Other Relevant Leadership Topics

How to Better Understand Army Training

Lessons Learned in the Science & Art of (Engineer) Support to Army Maneuver Forces

Reimagining Your Organizational “Improvement” Program [Guest post by Andrew Bordelon]

A Junior Officer’s Perspective on Surviving as an Aide-de-Camp: 6 Rules for Success [Guest post by Desmond Clay, Paul Guzman, and Kyle Hensley]

Happiness and Success: Embracing Your Unit, Soldiers, and Oneself for Outstanding Leadership and Fulfillment [Guest post by Harrison “Brandon” Morgan]

Building A Community of Practice: How Are You Contributing to Our Learning Organization?

A Review of 2018 Through Books

The Best Of: A Three-Year Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating Two Years of Leader Development!

Books of 2018: My Mid-Year Review of Completed Books

Defining a Purpose and a Dream: The New 3×5 Leadership Vision & Goals

A Final 3×5 Leadership Reflection on 2017…and A Look Toward 2018!

2017 Through Books: End of Year Review (July-December)

One Year of 3×5 Leadership: Reflecting on Reflecting

The McDonaldization of Our Army: Efficiency Trumping Adaptability

Family Matters: A Call for Leadership Within Our Families

2017 Through Books: Mid-Year Review (Jan-Jun)

What Army Soldiers Can Learn From Navy Sailors

What Ultra Running Has Taught Me About Military Leadership

A Christmas Reflection on Servant Leadership

The Legion of Boom: A Case Study in Culture

The First Post: Post-Command Reflection

Holiday & Christmas Gift Guides

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