Do You Communicate Appreciation & Admiration to the People You Lead? [Guest post by Tony Burgess]

Leadership and the Need for Perpetual Optimism

Goals In Lieu of Vision: A Practical Exercise in Developing a Purposeful Organization [Guest post by Zach Mierva]

The 4 Cs of Empowerment [Guest post by Sam]

When Our Leadership Isn’t Good Enough [Guest post by Chad Plenge]

Self-Awareness & Your Leadership Effectiveness

A Junior Officer’s Perspective on Surviving as an Aide-de-Camp: 6 Rules for Success [Guest post by Desmond Clay, Paul Guzman, and Kyle Hensley]

Ownership [Guest post by Pete Fovargue]

Happiness and Success: Embracing Your Unit, Soldiers, and Oneself for Outstanding Leadership and Fulfillment [Guest post by Harrison “Brandon” Morgan]

Self-Development and Preparing for Future War

Fiction and Future War [Guest post by Zavier Radecker]

Leader Development Handbook Cover Image_3x5 Leadership

The 3×5 Leader Development Handbook

A Review of 2018 Through Books

Celebrating Two Years of Leader Development!

Are You Solving the Problems or Making them Worse? [Guest post by Franklin Annis]

Never Underestimate the Power of Appreciation

2018 Christmas Gift Guide

I Used a Commander Social Media Profile for 90 Days; Here’s What Happened

The Reflection Series

The 3 Key Elements to a Young Leader’s Organization

Are We A Family or A Team?

Discipline Through Accountability and Enforcing Standards

My New Favorite Question

4 Questions to Make Your Organization and People Better

Three New Benefits I Learned About Writing and Sharing

Goal-Setting_3x5 Leadership

A Model of Effective Goal-Setting for Leaders

Books of 2018: My Mid-Year Review of Completed Books

What Is Your Leadership “One Big Thing?”

A Willingness to Learn: The Critical Foundation to Leader Development

Character: The Necessary, Yet Often Ignored, Trait to Define Leaders of the 21st Century

The Junior Officer Reading & Self-Development List

Do All Things with Energy and Optimism [Guest post by Tom Correll]

Recommended Apps to Support Your Leader Self-Development and Growth

What Tools Are You Using for Your Leader Growth?

Writing as a Means of Learning [Guest post by Franklin C. Annis]

Building A Community of Practice: How Are You Contributing to Our Learning Organization?

Leaders are Readers Series

3x5 Leadership 168 Series Intro

168 Series

You Need a Peer Coach to Become a Better Leader

How to Better Understand Army Training

How to Recognize Your Leadership Shortcomings [Guest post by John Packham]

How to Build Trust in Your Organization

Defining a Purpose and a Dream: The New 3×5 Leadership Vision & Goals

A Final 3×5 Leadership Reflection on 2017…and A Look Toward 2018!

2017 Through Books: End of Year Review (July-December)

One Year of 3×5 Leadership: Reflecting on Reflecting

Soldier Writing Letter Home

A Leader’s Mentality: Reflections for Junior Military Leaders [Guest post by Jason Hu]

Christmas Gift Guide for the Military Tactical & Inquisitive Leader

Tactical Decision Exercises 2.0: Additional Resources

There Is A Science to Motivation

Leadership Communication: “Here is the Most Important Place for Me to Be”

Lessons Learned in the Science & Art of (Engineer) Support to Army Maneuver Forces

The Lost Art of Giving (Negative) Feedback

Followership: A Missing Consideration That Is Limiting Your Leadership Ability [Guest post by Zachary Mierva]

Which Leadership is Most Effective: Analyzing Transformational & Servant Leadership [Guest post by Jon Silk]

Leader Awareness Series


Face It: We Are All Managers

The McDonaldization of Our Army: Efficiency Trumping Adaptability

Family Matters: A Call for Leadership Within Our Families

2017 Through Books: Mid-Year Review (Jan-Jun)

Achieving Honesty: Improving Subordinate Leader Assessments & Feedback

What Army Soldiers Can Learn From Navy Sailors

Company Command Series


“Big Rocks” Leadership

Counseling the 33%: An Approach to One-on-One Development [Guest post by Jeff Meinders]

Military Leadership Is Really About Trust [Guest post by Joe Callejas]

Leader Development Series

What Ultra Running Has Taught Me About Military Leadership

Coaching – An Essential Leadership Tool [Guest post by LTC (R) Thomas Bowen]

A Christmas Reflection on Servant Leadership


The Legion of Boom: A Case Study in Culture

Leadership By Wandering Around

A Leader’s Organization

The First Post: Post-Command Reflection

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