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I am passionate about developing leaders and improving their organizations. I enjoy helping others learn and achieve their potential, and leverage that to influence their organizations.

Leadership growth occurs daily, not in a day. Growth requires deliberate and routine effort; leaders must take ownership for their growth through initiative. I aim to provide another resource to inspire that development and growth in other leaders. Though my experiences are singular, the lessons learned from them are not. The 3×5 Leadership blog is my platform to share my experiences and the lessons from them, so that others can benefit.

My posts and thoughts represent my own views only and not that of any specific organization or other person.

I am a US Army Engineer Officer spending my entire career directly working with and supporting maneuver forces. My experiences include platoon leadership, multiple primary staff positions, and 18 months of company command.

Why 3×5 Leadership?


Every moment is a learning opportunity. Leaders have their preferred means of recording notes and reflections. Many have their green notebooks, capable tablets, or notepads. I use 3×5 index cards; it started as a learned habit from my father. No matter the event, location, or uniform, I have them available to record any insight or lesson learned. 3×5 index cards are my simple tool to continuously learn as a professional and leader.

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Feel free to contact me at 3x5leadership@gmail.com.  I am always open to opinions, insight, and recommendations.

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