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Well, 3×5 Leadership is three years old today. I’m both thrilled and humbled by this landmark. I’m thrilled in seeing what this crazy experiment has accomplished both in my personal leadership growth and in helping others make people and organizations better. I’m humbled by the amazing community of support. I offer a deep, heart-felt thank you to fellow leaders, friends, and followers. You make our leader development community and me better.

To celebrate, I want to highlight the top three things across five different topics from this past year. (3 things x 5 topics…see what I did there?). I hope these resources can inspire you and improve your developmental journey as we head into 2020.

Thank you and as always, lead well, friends.

My Personal Favorite 3×5 Leadership Blog Posts from the Year

  1. The Five Types of Developmental Communication
  2. Leadership and the Need for Perpetual Optimism
  3. When Our Leadership Isn’t Good Enough, guest post by Chad Plenge

The Most Popular 3×5 Leadership Blog Posts This Year

  1. Introducing the 3×5 Leader Development Handbook. This 10-part series offered a comprehensive approach to leader development, helping all of us to understand the depth and complexities of this topic. Get your 3×5 Leader Development Handbook e-book (all 10 parts) when you subscribe to the website via email.
  2. A Junior Officer’s Perspective on Surviving as an Aide-de-Camp: 6 Rules for Success, guest post by Desmond Clay, Paul Guzman, and Kyle Hensley
  3. I Will Go On: Leadership and Resilience

The Best Three Books I Read This Year

  1. The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever, by Michael Bungay Stanier
  2. LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media, by P. W. Singer & Emerson T. Brooking
  3. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck

My Personal Favorite #WhiteboardWednesday Quotes This Year

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My Favorite (Non-3×5 Leadership) Developmental Resources I Discovered This Year

  1. Podcast Series from Coaching for Leaders, Building a StoryBrand, The Military Leader, and Rachel Botsman’s Trust Issues.
  2. DODReads website. This site offers robust resources for military leaders in their journey of lifelong learning through reading. It includes resources like extensive reading lists from different military branches, author interviews, blog posts, and free book giveaways.
  3. Audible audiobooks. While I spent all of 2018 using free digital library resources like Overdrive and RBDigital (find both at The Bookshelf), I found that I came back more and more to Audible this year. This is due to their extensive and unparalleled library, cheap subscription fees, and the fact that I can easily ask for Audible credits as birthday/Christmas gifts. I’m a huge fan of audiobooks to supplement my reading program…and I’m a huge fan of Audible.

Lead well, friends! Thanks for your continued support.

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  1. Congratulations Josh!! Well done! Helping to develop our nation’s next generation of capable leaders is a noble cause and quite an undertaking. Senior leaders to emerging ones can all grow from reading your blogs and emails. Having served over 44 years in numerous leadership roles in the military, private and non-profit organizations, I very much look forward to reading your material and learning something each time i do. Let this only be the beginning of your very long journey down this road of leadership. Thanks for your leadership! jim

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