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Leader development occurs daily, not in a day. But, with only 168 hours in a week, how are you using your time effectively and efficiently to grow as a leader?

The Army’s ADRP 6-22 states that “to prepare for increasingly more demanding operational environments, Army leaders must invest more time on self-study and self-development than before” (para. 7-32). This is not an Army issue alone; professionals across every industry must invest more and more into self-development in order to be successful in our modern and complex world.

In his highly regarded leader development book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey provides habit #3 as “put first things first.” He claims that “the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” Stephen argues for a weekly planning model, over a daily one, because daily planning merely turns into managing crises and busywork.

We are students of leadership and committed leader developers. I argue that if you’re reading this, you recognize the need to dedicate personal time and effort to self-develop as a leader. The question, now, is how to do that.

With only 168 hours in a week, we must define (and even schedule) the time we commit to our leader development and what activities will comprise of our program; what platforms create your “leader horizon” as sources for you to learn and grow?

Who You Will Hear from in This Series

Just as leadership is a complex and individual human experience, how one develops their own leadership skills and style is unique. Thus, I want to offer you a variety of thoughts on how leaders that I respect, and I, enact our own leader development methods. I hope that this diverse pool of options offer inspiration for you to create your own personal leader development system.

Over the next nine days, you will hear from:

Series Reflective Questions

As you read through this blog series, I highly encourage you to consider these reflective questions to help you create your ideal self-development plan that maximizes your available time, ways you learn, and access to possible resources.

  • What do you identify as the most common platforms between the leaders’ different programs? How can you best incorporate those methods into your personal development plan?
  • What times of day or during what activities do you find yourself able to most clearly think? Consider using those times and activities to support your self-development system.
  • Notice the value that multiple leaders in this series place on reflection as a leader development tool. What is the best way for you to engage in and record reflective thought? There is no one right way to reflect; it is unique between individuals.
  • Your leader development methods must be synthesized into a holistic program; segregating your learning prevents you from innovating ideas and making connections between seemingly unrelated thoughts. What are ways that you can integrate your different growth efforts to ensure they are not segregated, siloed tools?
  • I acknowledge there are many creative ways to develop. Do you engage in other personal methods of leader development not listed in this series? Please share through a comment on the blog! We want to make this the most comprehensive list possible for readers.

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