Over the 47 blog posts to date, there have been a few key posts that seemed to resonate most with readers. I wanted to end the year by highlighting the five most-read 3×5 Leadership blog posts of 2017 and share some insight into what I think that means. These five posts form only 11% of the total published blog material, but have generated 43% of the total traffic to the site. These posts mean something to readers and I think it is important to discover what that is.

Please share any thoughts you may have over the implications of these top five posts below. Is there anything that you feel we should investigate further and write about on the blog in 2018? I enjoy hearing and value others’ reflections on the blog’s material.

Top Five Read Posts of 2017

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1. Face It: We Are All Managers

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2. The Lost Art of Giving (Negative) Feedback

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3. Which Leadership is Most Effective: Analyzing Transformational & Servant Leadership, guest post by Jonathan Silk


4. Followership: A Missing Consideration That Is Limiting Your Leadership Ability, guest post by Zachary Mierva

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5. Lessons Learned in the Science & Art of (Engineer) Support to Army Maneuver Forces

What This Means

  • Leadership matters! People know there is a need for leadership at work and in life. A leader’s intangible methods will have lasting tangible effects on the organization and others. We want our efforts and influence to matter.
  • Leadership is not limited to the top of the organizational chart. Leadership and its impacts are not restricted to the top of an organizational chart. You can influence through leadership at whatever level you are at right now and readers are looking for creative ways to do so.
  • We care about our people. “Careerists” and “toxic leaders” are usually known for self-serving behavior in the workplace in order to satisfy their bosses to get that next promotion. We know that is not the essence of genuine, transformational leadership. Leadership regards caring for those entrusted to us, growing their abilities, compelling action toward a shared vision, and improving our organizations and our people for long-term success.
  • We want to get better. We have not “arrived” at that peak leader performance because it is impossible to achieve. Readers realize that leadership requires continuous growth and we can always improve our leader abilities and impact.
  • Leadership is a complex human experience. It is not a generic 5-step “life hack” to improve work behavior and your interactions with people. And it certainly cannot be replaced by digital interface services. It requires human action every day and must be catered to your people, your organization, and the challenges you are facing now.

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Next, 3×5 Leadership is improving in 2018! I desire to make 3×5 Leadership the foremost digital leader development resource for readers. I intend to accomplish that in a variety of ways in 2018: codifying 3×5 Leadership’s vision and goals (coming in the next blog post!), deepening the quality of the blog content to better educate and challenge readers, and introducing new 3×5 Leadership initiatives such as a leader challenge video platform and a “bookshelf” reading resource program.

Finally, I want to hear from you. Whether you have questions, responses to posts, feedback on content, or even proposed guest blog post ideas, I enjoy hearing from readers. It’s motivating to hear how 3×5 Leadership is helping you and how we can make the blog better. Readers can also learn from other readers! I encourage you to comment on the post in the below comment section, on Facebook, or contact me on Twitter. I can also always be reached at 3x5leadership@gmail.com.

Happy New Year! Join me in making 2018 a year of incredible leadership growth.

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