Back in February, I published a “Leader Development” mini-series oriented around military small unit leader development programs. The final part of that series addressed a development tool called Tactical Decision Exercises (TDEs). Though not a new concept in the military at all, revitalizing this tool brought a unique, low cost and resource, and effective leader development method to my company and Soldiers. Since sharing that post, it is evident that this tool has resonated with many readers. You can check out that blog post HERE.

Following that, I had the great fortune to be hosted on the Leaders Huddle podcast to expand on the topic of TDEs and their impact. You can find that episode HERE, episode 31 (EP032). If you’re inquiring into TDEs as a developmental tool, I highly encourage you to take some time and check out the podcast episode. I also encourage you to look into other Leader Huddle episodes on the website; they are pushing out quality discussions on critical topics relevant to junior Army leaders.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I received a document of all of the consolidated TDE examples from Armor Magazine. This is an incredible resource that can help provide inspiration and examples for TDE structure, topics, tactical scenarios, and even proposed scenario solutions. I posted the consolidated PDF document on my Google Drive, HERE, as a resource for readers.

For readers with TDE experience, I’d love to hear your insights and lessons learned:

  • What design and implementation ideas have you found most effective?
  • Are you aware of other TDE resources not addressed that others may find beneficial?
  • What TDE program goals, intent, or end states make the exercises most effective?
  • Any other after-action review (AAR) comments to improve others’ TDE programs?

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